Overview of what I am building

woman meditating

Yogi Library

GatbsyJS - GraphQL - TailwindCSS


Yogi Library is a curated list of videos to practice yoga. Videos can be viewed by duration, by type of yoga, by tags...

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Pocket Budget

Cloud Firestore - React - TailwindCSS

Work in progress


Should I automate it?

React - MaterializeCSS

Visit: Should I Automate It?

Should I automate it? is designed for anyone interested to see when a manual process would benefit from being automated. This is a pair project which was inspired by xkcd 1205

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world map

A World in Metric

Chrome Web Store

Trying to follow a cooking recipe but not sure why they're asking you to use cups instead of a scale? Installing this extension will allow you to highlight a measure (e.g. 1 cup, 15lbs, 12 ounces) and have a small toast appear with the appropriate conversion into grams/millilitres.

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Yoga Dice

Cloud Firestore - React - Redux - Materialize

Yoga Dice version 1, built in December 2018.
Yoga Dice version 2, built in March 2019.

Everything began with my passion for yoga and the desire to randomize my practice for the days the inspiration is lower than usual.

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Node - Express - Postgres - Sequelize - React - Redux - Web Speech API

Are you struggling to cook and to navigate through your recipe? Tired of washing your hands to check how much flour you need or what's the next step? This speaks to all of us, this is why we decided to create a hands free recipe assistant.

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