Fullstack Web Instructor at

I am currently a Fullstack Web Instructor at Fullstack Academy, an immersive software engineering program based in NYC.

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woman meditating

Yogi Library

A curated list of videos to practice yoga.


Pocket Budget

An app to record your budget on the go.


Should I automate it?

Should I automate it? is designed for anyone interested to see when a manual process would benefit from being automated.


Overview of the technologies I am familiar with.

  • Frontend

    Comfortable with React, just starting to wrap my head around Redux.

  • Backend

    Building and teaching Node.js, Express, Postgres. Leveraging Cloud Firestore for personal projects.

  • Analytics

    Business Analyst in a former life. Fluent with Excel, pretty good with Power Query and Power BI.

  • CSS Frameworks

    Shipped a few projects with MaterializeCSS and React-Bootstrap. Really digging TailwindCSS right now.

  • Hosting

    Deployed with Firebase, Heroku and GitHub Pages. Surge is really impressing me.

  • Others

    Building with Gatsby. Pretending to understand GraphQL. Still cannot center an image in CSS.


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