A bit about me

From business analyst to web developer

I'm Céline, a law graduate who was really interested in analyzing intellectual property portfolio to measure team performance and track business growth and become a business analyst in a law firm.

My journey in tech began by building a quote tool using Excel VBA to solve our problem of recruitment (finding someone with knowledge in Intellectual Property while also being good with numbers). I further realized that I could automate other tasks and save people from tedious and error-prone activities. This was also helping the team to accomplish more without the need to recruit additional people.

Relocating to the USA was the perfect opportunity to switch careers. I thought the fastest way to get started in my career as a developer was to graduate from the Grace Hopper program.

Spending the last few months coding 7 days a week has really confirmed to me that this is what I want to do. I am now really excited about the idea of buildings products, software or tools to help people do more.