Should I automate it?

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Should I automate it? is designed for anyone interested to see when a manual process would benefit from being automated. This is a pair project which was inspired by xkcd 1205


Basic options allow you to indicate how often you perform the task and how long it takes you. Then you indicate how long it will take to automate the task. Now you can click 'Should I automate it?' and find out how many months it will take to get a return on your investment.

Advanced options allows you to tailor the tool even further to your needs. By default the tool assumes that the estimate might be potentially twice as long (0.5 - 50%) as it will actually take. It also assumes that it may be underestimating by up to three times (3.0 - 300%). If you are more (or less) certain about your estimate adjust these values. The number of months forecasted can also be customised, and defaults to 36.

Future Ideas

One of the future ideas would be to translate the tool and provide a more detailed summary.