A World in metric

A handy Chrome Extension


Trying to follow a cooking recipe but not sure why they're asking you to use cups instead of a scale? Or maybe following along with a news article but you're not quite sure to be impressed or not by that record-breaking 40lb chicken nugget? These and many more are the daily tribulations you'll face as a user of the metric system in an imperial country.

Installing this extension will allow you to highlight a measure (e.g. 1 cup, 15lbs, 12 ounces) and have a small toast appear with the appropriate conversion into grams/millilitres.

Once installed you will need to activate the extension when you want to perform a translation by clicking on the extension's icon (the cooking pot). You'll know it's worked as the icon will show the words ON. From that point on anything, you highlight will appear in a small toast at the top right of your page. To deactivate simply click the icon again and you'll be able to resume selecting blocks of text to send to your loved ones, along with an explanation of what a 24oz soda really means.

Link to the extension in the Chrome Web Store