Cooperation between customs and IP owners

Registering a trademark is the first step towards protecting your mark, it allows you to take legal action in case someone tries to register a confusingly »

Register a trademark

On this blog I have talked at length about all the steps to take in order to protect your trademark without mentioning why you should register »

Pinterest's website does not own 'Pinterest' trademark

Pinterest allows you to pin pictures or websites. It can be compared to a social pictures bookmarking system. Developed towards the end of 2009, the website »

The Madrid System - A system which allows your company to easily register your trademark worldwide

The Madrid system is a system allowing the international registration of trademarks. After a short introduction regarding this system, the aim of this article is to »

TM registration in the USA: two different Registers

Contrary to many EU countries, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) proposes two different sorts of registration for trademark: the Principal Register and the »